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Honesty is an interesting subject. It's valued greatly. It's considered to be one of the most important qualities in most relationships: marriage, friends, business, etc... Almost all systems of morals consider honesty good and lying bad. Even the bible has "bearing false witness" (lying) listed as one of the 10 commandments! Yet... we all lie, and we do it regularly. We are told roughly 200 lies per day. In 10 minutes of conversation we rate to tell 3 lies. Most lies are small "white lies" that are relatively harmless ones meant often times to ease a social situation by not sharing our true feelings: "You look great today", "That fish you cooked is delicious", etc... So lying is acce

Global warming hoax?

I've recently been caught in an extended email argument about Global Warming which really got me thinking about the issue, as the person I was debating was sharp. The process of arguing with him led me to formalize my owns thoughts, and base them more in research and facts I understood. Since I believe this issue is very important, I want to discuss it here with you. It's an issue which, unfortunately, is divisive when it shouldn't be. Don't believe me? Great - I love people that are skeptical. I'm going to present a series of arguments supporting man caused climate change, and going on to show why this matters. Below is a graph of CO2 and temperature over the last 400k years presented s

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