Defending "Racist Outbursts"

It seems my last article "Racist Outbursts" got a lot of people arguing about it. I'm going to respond here. First briefly touching on a few things people have said, then reiterating my point more clearly. First, equating what's being done on both sides right now is a false equivalency in my view. One side won the election and will be in near total control of the government for the next 4 years. And some people are going around "enforcing" their illegal views through hate crimes. I'm not saying that Clinton supporters who are protesting are never doing crimes. And furthermore, any crimes they are committing I most definitely do not condone and in fact renounce. Protesting should be done pea

Racist Outbursts

So I was bouncing around twitter when I ran in to @shaunking's timeline. This was one of the pictures he tweeted... There is a lot more. There are lots of sad pictures and stories. Some heart-breaking. I was legitimately getting emotional and very sad while reading them. I urge you to click the link and read a good number of them before continuing on to read this article. Super urge you. Otherwise you won't understand why I'm about to write this. Ok, have you gone there and read some of those accounts? OK then, we're ready now. While I recognize that the people enacting these horror shows are a small minority of trump voters - it was precisely this giving

Post-Election Analysis & Plan of Action

First let's discuss the election. In hindsight, it seems very clear that the DNC messed this up BIGLY time. (In fact, Fuck the DNC. Seem harsh? Keep reading) They didn't realize the intense dissatisfaction out there, and put up the quintessential establishment candidate in Clinton vs. a populist like Trump. It cost them the election when it absolutely didn't have to. (Edit: I'm sure some of you are questioning my choice of "them" when it seems like I'm a Democrat so it should be "us". I'm consciously not a registered Democrat. I want to lower taxes and cut spending (cut defense spending huge, raise retirement age, less subsidies, and more...). I don't identify with the Democrat part

Why I'm voting for Hillary

Who I'm voting for in this election is something I've considered carefully. There are a number of reasons why I'm going to be voting for Hillary Clinton. She was not my first choice in this election (it was Bernie Sanders). That said, we realistically have two choices right now - Clinton or Trump. I live in a swing state (Nevada), that's very close right now - and according to Nate Silver perhaps the most important to be voting in (according to his voter power index). So without further ado, here are my reasons: 1) The Supreme Court We already have 1 vacancy on the court right now, with more likely coming soon. There are three

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