Why Giannis is the NBA MVP

This year, Giannis Antetokounmpo & James Harden have submitted awesome seasons. Both are deserving of MVP's, and in many years either would win. But, there can be only one. And when you break it down, Giannis is somewhat clearly the MVP in my opinion. For posterity, this analysis was done when both HOU & MIL had played 80 games, so technically there are 2 games left for both teams. First, let's just look at the stats. And at first glance it seems that this favors Harden. Here are the per-game stats: Giannis: 27.7pts, 12.5reb, 5.9ast, 1.3stl, 1.5blk, 3.8to Harden: 36.2pts, 6.5reb, 7.6ast, 2stl, 0.8blk, 5to Harden has 50.3 pts+reb+ast, Giannis has 46.1 only Their efficiency stats look like

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