Feel the Bern?

First let me get started by saying this article isn't really much about comparing Sanders to the other Democrat candidates here in the primary. It's more broadly about Bernie, Trump, and America. **3/2/2020 edit** But just before I get in to that I will start by comparing him to Joe Biden. The DNC just Game of Thrones style consolidated what they could (everyone but Bloomberg) around Biden. They left Warren in to steal progressive votes and all of a sudden this turned in to a very close race. So I thought I'd edit this in saying a few reasons why I like Bernie over Biden. 1) Joe Biden is more senile than Bernie. He makes more gaffes than Bernie. He just isn't as intelligent or as sharp as


Recently in large part thanks to conversations with my wife, I have changed from defining myself as agnostic to believing in God. Although I am not religious in any way. I think many religions were founded based on the interesting teachings of wise, moral people who had a lot of interesting things to say - but much of the growth beyond that is simply the growth of human tradition and custom in the years that followed their deaths. To be more specific, I grew up a Catholic and am very familiar with the Catholic and other Christian traditions. I think Jesus is a profound moral philosopher and really admire many things he said in the Bible. That said, Christianity comes with a bunch of other

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