About the 76ers

I have been a doubter of the 76ers all year. It's easy to say now that it looks like they about to get bounced, but I did make a bet right after the Jimmy Butler trade where I took MIL vs PHI to win the ECF. At the time the odds were 3:2 in my favor, so I win 15k if MIL wins the ECF and lose 10k if PHI wins the ECF. I also did bet against the 76ers getting 5:1 in round 1, knowing I'm probably losing it but picking it as my only real upset in Round 1. And I did love betting against them in round 2 vs Toronto, betting at -204 and -230, and would of bet more if I could find more VF action. Also tweeted that was my favorite bet (TOR -204 print). I also talked shit about them all year at th

Mark-up Police

There's been a lot of back and forth in the social media sphere with people discussing mark-up in the poker world. I have an opinion about this, but for a while decided to pass on sharing it as it just seemed like one of those negative free-roll type spots. I just changed my mind, and hence this little blog post. My opinion is that it's a free market, and people should be able to charge what they want and can get. Let me get in to the details, because that's really where the reasons lay. Before getting in to the argument, I want to differentiate between "markup police" and giving an opinion. Giving an opinion is something everyone does, something I'm "guilty" of doing about politics and

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