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Kicking off new website

Well here we are! I'm getting my website up and running. I want to thank Crystal Spears Vanderwaal, my website designer, for all the hard work. I think the website looks great and I'm excited to get it off before the 2016 WSOP! It was an interesting process to give input about how I wanted things to be expressed and see the website slowly grow.

My website is going to be a glimpse in to me in a lot of ways. It will be an easy way to learn a little about my life and my past, especially pertaining to what I've done in poker. The biography is a very poker focused quick bio, and the poker room is a link to most poker related things. You can find links to lots of article and interviews on me, as well as links to other stuff/companies I'm involved with.

But there will also be a large section with my interests. My goal is to create a forum to discuss things that I like. While poker is a huge part of my life and I still enjoy playing, often times other topics pique my interest more than poker does. While those often come and go, this process is a continual one. My mind is a curious and insatiable one, and I wouldn't have it any other way. There are sections on music, books, movies/TV, games, and lifestyle. Each one will be a way for me to explore and catalog things I like and give me a chance to interact with people about a lot of the other things I really enjoy. Through that dialectic process I hope to learn more about my interests, and am looking forward to that process. I also hope that as I rate things like movies, I'll be able to see my review catalog grow over time and refer back to it in the future for my own personal uses and interest.

This website, like a garden, will require a lot of regular tending in order to make it in to a fruitful and rewarding experience. In that case, it is my aim to be a gardener.

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