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SCOOPs in Brazil!

I just got back from Brazil a few days ago. I went down there with my beautiful wife and with Jeff Gross & his fiance Emilia. We rented an apartment in Leblon and even though we were on the beach in freakin' Brazil (!!!!), I got my grind on. You might have caught some of it if you watch Jeff's twitch channel. It was me and him side by side all day grinding away!

After all, I was down there to play the SCOOP tournament series on PS. It was my first SCOOP/WCOOP series ever! I started playing on the 14th and my last day playing was the 20th. That's 7 very full days of grinding. I missed out on about half of scoop (the first 5 days and last 3 days) as well as the biggest day and tournament of all (the last sunday and main event). That said, I got in 168 tournaments of all different shapes and sizes (as big as 21k and as small as 55$). I ended up winning some money and getting in a lot of great practice not only for the WSOP but for the 300k.

This year because the 300k SHRB is right before the series, I wanted to make sure I came in sharp and in form. Usually I come in to the series and get warmed up to my tournament A-game in the first week which is fine because all the big tournaments are towards the end. I feel I've accomplished that already with my week of SCOOPs. You can see here on OPR that I did quite well.

I played relatively very few tournaments online (I played predominantly cash games). You can see I played some online tournaments in 2007 - where for about 2 or 3 months I played the "Sundays" pretty consistently. But that after that I didn't play many tournaments online at all, and after Black Friday none until SCOOP. I was a bit worried after all that time off I'd come back rusty, but I fired up PT4 and got right back in the swing of things. In only a week of play and 168 tournaments I'm in the top 100 on OPR this year on PS in tournaments. And it could have been better as two of my best 3 results I got it in as 70% favorite when I went out (8th in 21k QQ<AJo was the most notable).

I had always taken pride in my career as always being a consistent player both live AND online (up until black friday at least). While you're playing the same game, both formats emphasize different skill sets. I used to play both live and online both to win money but to be always improving my game as much as possible by working on and improving the different skill sets needed to win in both the live and online arenas. It was personally vindicating to come back to online tournaments after such a long time off and have good results.

SHRB up next and I feel great. If you want a good micro-sweat then come here and get a piece:

Luck willing, I will not disappoint.

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