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50k Bracelet Acceptance Speech

Here's (basically) the speech I gave when I collected my bracelet for the 50k PPC. I thought about what I wanted to say beforehand, and it's important enough to me that I want to share it with you here:

First I want to appreciate those around me for the help they've given me in my life. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank my family, parents, friends My amazing wife and family in Brazil for the videos and support My parents and sister for supporting me since the beginning and my dad for driving out again Friends for being there at the table and contacting me It's just nice to feel the support of the people around you as you strive for your goal. And winning the players championship for the second time, this time with an 8game final table, is really special to me. It's an awesome tournament filled with many great players - and to be fortunate enough to be up here again and receive this trophy and bracelet is something I will never forget.

Things I believe: We all pay a lot of taxes to governments we don't necessarily like that much and definitely don't support everything they do. Global climate change caused by humans is real. The extent is what is debatable. If you aren't sure then you have more research to do. You should Vote even if both candidates aren't appealing. Apathy and ignorance are the destroyers of democracy. Humanity will walk on Mars during my lifetime - and I'm excited about that. Dream big both in your personal lives and for us all - and let's boldly go where no one has gone before. Nationalism is silly. Sure I'm proud of American history - but everyone around the world has their own unique and special stories and we are all humans ... so let's stop the stupid fighting and wars. Happiness is a choice and comes from within. Remember that even when things aren't going well - that someone doing much worse than you somewhere in the world is at peace AND happy. And I'd urge everyone here to remember Benjamin Frankliins words that strike me as very relevant in modern times: "those who would sacrifice Liberty for security deserve neither". Don't give up your freedom. A lot of people suffered throughout history AND risked their security for you to have it.

I've been around for a while now, I appreciate and enjoy poker. It's fun and complex. It's constantly changing and challenging. I appreciate the WSOP and what it means to our community. And lastly, no matter how bad the beat is - remember it's not the dealers fault - we are all here to play a great game together! So good luck and good spirits at the tables!

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