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Trump: negative caricature of an American

I was just sent this video to watch about Donald Trump by someone who thought it would convince me to think differently about him.

in a Whatsapp chat group I responded with the following, mostly about the video.

I am in the middle of watching this video and I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to be finding..?

This video showcases trumps typical total arrogance about all topics.

Most things he says have nothing backing them up... Total straw man claims by a braggart. And other times he just uses non-sensical things to back them up like this, "I sell apartments to Chinese people. I get along great with them." Please!

Trump talking positive about Alan Greenspan - idiot. Trump waxing about how he'd lower oil prices - how? He never says of course!! And even if you could why should we continue our foreign dependence on oil instead of transitioning to sustainable energy?

Trump is an egotistical, narcissistic blowhard. And I don't think he's very intelligent either - although, unlike Trump, I don't have "all the right words" to prove it. The moron can't help himself. How about his recent response to the Khan speech at the democratic convention where he talks about his sacrifices in the context of parents who lost a son in a war? And what sacrifices..? Making millions of dollars "creating jobs" which is newspeak (yes an Orwell reference) for making money. The man not only has no idea what sacrifice is, he's thin-skinned enough to respond on social media and attack this family. Great let's give him nukes.

"We need somebody who can take the brand of the USA and make it great again..." Actual speech on this video. The USA is not a brand, it's a country. The goal isn't to raise it's price to sell it for more than it was previously worth. That analogy is stupid, like most of what Trump says. And you don't just "make something great". That doesn't mean anything. Something becomes great because of what it does. It's all non-sensical speech to be devoured by non-critical minds. Most politicians are technically trying to Make America Great by enacting their policies, just as most CEOs are trying to the the same for their companies. The slogan is meaningless drivel just like most of the stuff that comes out of Trumps mouth... meant to get an emotional reaction out of people who don't like where their country is going. I guess it worked pretty well because here we are. Too bad Trump is very light on actual ways to accomplish this. We are just supposed to take his word for it because he is a successful businessman (according to himself, obviously... - but that's another roast for another post).

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