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Olympics and other thoughts

First a little about the Olympics!

Let's start with Michael Phelps. He's 31 years old, which is very old for swimming, and in fact he was briefly the oldest individual gold medalist in Olympic swimming history with the TWO golds he's won in individual events so far these games (although I believe someone just broke that mark so he only briefly held it). He's had such an amazing career so far that there would be so much to choose from, but it's what he's doing right now that is the most inspiring to me personally.

In poker, there's always a wave of young kids coming in to the game fearless and hungry to achieve, while older faces lose ground and fall off the map. And while poker is obviously not as physically demanding as swimming, it does seem like father time takes it's toll eventually on poker players just like everyone else. But I am inspired now, in this and all my endeavors, to remember that age is just a number... inspired to work hard and to stay forever young.

And how about Simone Biles? Did you know she has a move named after her in the actual scoring for floor routine, the "Biles", and she's the only woman to ever do it in competition. And I was watching video of her doing more than that in practice. It's amazing to see someone who is THAT much better than all her competition in a very competitive field. Simply incredible.

The Olympics always provide a really cool platform to see how fucking amazing people are when you combine natural talent with years of dedication and hard work. We can achieve so much. It's really inspiring.

Now if you are looking for a super interesting way to spend 15 minutes, then check out this youtube video on genetic engineering:

It's by a great channel (Kurzgesagt) which you should subscribe to.

German Shepherds are amazing dogs. Maya is so intelligent and friendly. It's amazing how emotionally in tune she is with her family.

Think I've touched on enough topics for today.

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