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Defending "Racist Outbursts"

It seems my last article "Racist Outbursts" got a lot of people arguing about it. I'm going to respond here. First briefly touching on a few things people have said, then reiterating my point more clearly.

First, equating what's being done on both sides right now is a false equivalency in my view. One side won the election and will be in near total control of the government for the next 4 years. And some people are going around "enforcing" their illegal views through hate crimes. I'm not saying that Clinton supporters who are protesting are never doing crimes. And furthermore, any crimes they are committing I most definitely do not condone and in fact renounce. Protesting should be done peacefully, end of story. Second, possibly some of those are fake, but I doubt the majority are - in fact many are definitely real - and it's delusion for Trump supporters to dismiss it all as liberal victim posing. For Trump supporters to sit back and say all of this is fake, so they don't need to address it, is total delusion.

Trump won, and this is happening. Let's hope it blows over and goes away. I certainly hope so. Electing Trump did legitimize fringe racist movements like the KKK. It wouldn't have done that if Trump simply renounced the KKK's support - like any decent human would do (like Reagan did as I said in my blog). But he didn't. It empowered some of the wrong people. It told people that have these disgusting, inhuman viewpoints - that it's ok to think that way.

It's not OK.

To the people that think my message was fair and true, but that I delivered it "too strongly" or with "too tunneled a viewpoint". I fail to see the point that the way I'm delivering my message is wrong, or too strong. That's basically a convoluted argument to tell "liberals" (or whoever you want to define as complaining about this) to shut up and to keep rolling over. They've been p***ies for too long. I agree that some of the PC stuff goes too far. People in history class shouldn't be allowed to leave class in a University if they discuss things that might offend like slavery. But just because there are some instances that Political Correctness goes too far, doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in our society. And some of what's happening now after Trump won is proving this IMO. The truth is the truth. If I deliver this message too "nicely" then people won't get it. The truth doesn't need to be given the "PC" treatment that everyone is accusing liberals of going too far with. The truth speaks for itself. If I'm right, then I'm right.

Maybe a little modesty is in order. Perhaps Trump supporters can be gracious winners (who don't have a mandate and in fact lost the popular vote) and recognize that some bad things are happening, and say "Hate crimes aren't ok. I didn't vote for this. That's too far." Why not condemn this instead of defend it? That I don't understand. If Clinton won, and some crazy people started going in to towns and posting "Die White Crackers" - I'd condemn it and instantly say that's not what I voted for. I definitely wouldn't go around on Facebook anywhere someone discusses this issue and defend racist hate crimes.

If you're not a racist who voted for Trump, then you didn't vote for this. You might of voted for many of the things Trump stood for, against Clinton, against corruption, etc....... But you didn't vote for racist hate crimes. And you need some intellectual honesty to recognize that this is happening now, and that it's happening because Trump did things that legitimized this behavior. That lack of acknowledgement that these racist hate crimes occurring now are "too far" is inexcusable. Not one person supporting Trump who argued against my last post in my Facebook acknowledged this point.

America needs to move forward together, under President Trump. He is my president, even if I didn't vote for him. Because that's how the system works. But those that did vote for him need to reject the worst things being done in his name.

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