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Train Wreck

I keep hearing some people say that Trump is being unfairly criticized with the media. While I don't want to say this never happens, I feel it's largely wrong. Trump has done a number of disconcerting things that are undermining him, and the media has in many cases simply been doing their job and reporting it. I disagree that all attacks on Trump lack objectivity. I find a lot of the defense of Trump to be entirely unconvincing.

In addition to many minor offenses, such as blatant spreading of lies, using the power of the presidency to promote family businesses, issuing rushed and blatantly unconstitutional executive orders, criticizing judges openly and failing to respect our Gov's separation of powers, etc...

Let's not even mention how he butchers basic interactions with other foreign leaders. It's embarrassing to have this idiot representing us.

We also have KellyAnn Conway and the disinformation team. It's actually laughable to see her go on TV and lie/spin so vociferously and with so little regard for not only the truth, but common sense and logic.

I said it before the election: Trump is a pathological liar with a total disconnect to the truth, in a way that goes beyond what any politician we know.

And yeah, while it's funny to get in a good laugh about Orwellian-like lying coming from the administration, it's also a bit scary.

I realize Hillary lost. I'm not sure why every time I criticize Trump some idiotic Trump supporter needs to point this out. I never liked Hillary. I said before the election,

"The next president will be Clinton or Trump. A lot of people don't want to vote for either because "the lesser of two evils is still evil." The less bad option is still the better option relatively speaking. Voting for a 3rd party candidate is abdicating the responsibility of choosing one AND will increase the likelihood that the "more bad" other candidate will win. If someone gave me the choice between getting shot in the head or the hand - I would pick the hand and be very happy with the decision. Because it's a significantly better RELATIVE CHOICE. And when you only have two choices, that matters."

Choosing to get shot in the hand is NOT a ringing endorsement last I checked. It is sad and pathetic that these were our two choices - but that is a discussion for another article.

I also don't believe that everything about Russia is unsubstantiated misinformation. Our own intelligence agencies are reporting about this. Combined with Trump's failure to divulge his taxes or divest his business interests in a blind trust. Very interesting combination there. He could have accepted bribes and still can. The US Presidency is open for business in a way more direct and obvious then ever before. And furthermore, to dismiss the fact that Flynn resigned/was fired simply because there was a scandal with no proof is RIDICULOUS. Trump is not one to give in to outside influence, ever. If there was nothing here, I doubt Flynn would resign or Trump would fire him. I think there's a ton of reason to think there is something going on here. And I'm not even saying this because I think it's a bad idea for us to reset relations with Russia. These are two separate issues. I'm saying this because there is a ton of circumstantial evidence pointing to illegal Russian connections to the Trump administration.

There's a saying, "where there's smoke there's usually a fire." There is A LOT of smoke coming out on this one. Who knows... maybe all these circumstantial things are simply coincidence? If there is nothing, than why not have an investigation to clear his name?

After all, we had endless investigations in to Hillary's private email server, and SHE WASN'T EVEN PRESIDENT!! Shouldn't we care even more about someone running our country?

Or does someone want to come up with a convoluted argument against that insanely obvious bit of logic?

I said it before the election and I'll say it again. Trump is terrible. Everything about the man is nauseating. A preening, arrogant, thin-skinned, pathological lying, ego-maniac. Even his hand shake is petty and despicable.

The only positive about this whole thing is that Political Satire is truly peaking because there are SOOOOO many things to satirize about this dipshit of a president.

Sadly, I would say that Trump does not appeal to anyone who really appreciates intelligence or thoughtfulness, but rather to people that appreciate shows of arrogance and dominance.

This presidency is a total train wreck. I believe it's exceeded even the biggest doubters expectations in terms of how fall Trump could fall so fast. It's becoming clear that our election was tampered with, and it might have involved Trump's collusion with regards to Russia. Our own intelligence agencies are not sharing everything with Trump out of fear he is compromised. This is nuts.

That moment is approaching where people will actually be tested. Where do their loyalties lie? With their country and justice? Or with their party, their careers, and themselves? Will the GOP, who runs congress, start investigating the election AND Flynn's (and Trump's) ties to Russia? This is serious. We are talking treason here.

All eyes are on the GOP. They own the government. Will they do the right thing, even if it temporarily harms their "brand"?

It's no big deal, only the world is watching. Only 240 years of democratic traditions and institutions in the world's preeminent power and oldest modern democracy hang in the balance.

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